Musical Compositions

Mix Music


Play is mainly an improvisation based on the experimentation with different sound generation and capture systems that I developed for my hyper guitar. I started the building of this guitar during the summer of 2011 to have a unique tool for playing and providing new compositional possibilities. I developed a hexaphonic sustainer system as well as one to capture the body of the instrument and the strings individually. This piece is a search on new timbres and sounds by exploring new playing techniques. Every sounds you hear is produced by the instrument and some live processing algorithms; no triggering of samples or playback track.

Concert: Live at CIRMMT - Montreal - February 2013


Composed at the beginning of my master's degree in electroacoustic composition, Résurgence is a piece combining guitar, real-time processing and tape. It was formed by the combination of acousmatic composition and my guitar playing, experimenting in different ways to generate sounds by the entire body of the instrument in order to incorporate, thereafter, different sensors. It is part of my on-going research into the development of an augmented guitar for compositional works I have been working on throughout my master's degree.


Interactive composition with my acoustic guitar (2010). All the sounds is made live by transforming the sound of the guitar with a custom Max/MSP patch. The patch is also used to make a live spacialization by using algorithms or sensor (here, only algorithms since my Ipod Touch is broken).

The piece is mainly made out of a directed improvisation, meaning that the form and atmospheres are established, but the parts are improvised around some ideas.

Composition made for an 8 channels system, so here is a stereo rendition.

Acousmatic Music


Parasite is an acousmatic work that uses the sounds of my daily life in recent years. My interest in the guitar and instruments used in traditional music is apparent in the work, as is my appreciation of sounds created synthetically, electronically. During a trip to England in Fall 2010 I learned how to build small analogue synthesizers and discovered that by using the resistance of the human body as a controller, striking and unexpected sounds can be generated. I explored with enthusiasm the potential for this interface to create sounds having a quasi aleatoric character and decided to record a number of excerpts to play with and incorporate in this piece.

Pulsation Symbiotique

Pulsation Symbiotique is the second work based on the idea of ​​generating an electroacoustic piece entirely composed from sound sources of an instrumental nature. This composition, situated at the limits of the instrumental and electroacoustic world, is a continuous game between the search for sound timbres, melodies and rhythmic patterns. It’s a fusion of genres; both in terms of composition and instrumentation. It includes instruments such as the violin, flute, saxophone, piano, trumpet, gangsa, ugal, djembe … all associated, fused or modified using different sound manipulation techniques.


Syncrétisme is entirely based on sound sources from acoustic instruments such as saxophone, violin, piano, gangsa and ugal… This work situates itself at the border of instrumental and electroacoustic world with the intention of transforming those characterized sources into something new by using the numerous possibilities of sound manipulation. In addition to combine instrumental with electroacoustic, this composition merges instruments that are rarely put together like, for example, instruments of occidental classical traditions with Balinese instruments (Gamelan). Syncrétisme is a world in constant alternation between reality and illusion…

Instrumentale Music

Agencement Tumultueux